• Monica

Community: Where Our Paths Intersect

In difficult times like these it becomes clear the role community plays in our lives. To have one life intersect with another. To walk a path not existing in a vacuum but as a part of other paths, each influencing the other and contributing to something bigger. It's impossible to exist alone for so many reasons.

For one, we need each other for our spiritual progress.

Whatever ritual or practice you've chosen as a way to come back to stillness and grow towards a better version of yourself, having a community, a group of like-minded people to reflect your efforts, doubts & insights is essential. We can do it alone, I'm sure its possible. But the road would be much longer, and probably less fun.

Even during these socially distant times, we can maintain the sense and essence of community. It can be as simple as tuning into a live class. You commit to showing up at a certain time, with a teacher to support your practice and with the comfort of knowing others from different parts of the world are doing the same thing at the same time.

You are not alone.

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